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Abortion  hospital - Abortion clinic in Turkey  dedicated center for Women for safe and confidential abortion services which does legal first trimester abortions.

İs the abortion legal in Turkey? Yes..is legal,It carries out the complete spectrum of Medical and Surgical abortions in a Turkish  Government recognized legal Abortion unit under the supervision of qualified OB-GYN and caring nurses.

Safe and Legal Abortion İn Turkey; Abortion is no longer a dangerous procedure. The newer techniques of abortion has made the procedure safe with no long term implications on the health of the woman.

The First trimester abortion is a completely painless procedure.

Abortion Law in Turkey;Turkish abortion law under medical termination of pregnancy  Act, has clarified the conditions of a pregnancy can be terminated or canceled, people who are qualified to perform abortions and place of implementation. However it is safe legal and CONFIDENTIAL!

Abortion price in Turkey;Fly to Turkey  for Safe and Legal Abortion.Turkey  is the preferred destination for abortion for women and expats residing in countries where abortion is legally banned. Turkey is safe and convenient and well connected by all major airlines. The medical facilities are of international standards, our abortion  doctors in Turkey  are professional and experienced, staff caring and friendly and moreover English is the spoken language spoken by one and all.Abortion cost in Turkey plese contact wit us.                

Abortion  hospital  in Turkey;Mitera Clinic İstanbul, abortion clinic  is a women health care center located in İstanbul center.With close proximity to both domestic and International airport and well connected by private and public transportation - the İstanbul Mitera clinic  is the most popular not for profit organisation taking care of all aspects of women health.

Best abortion clinic   in Turkey ;has a team of experienced OBGYN  dedicated to women gynaecological and obstetric treatment.

Abortion services in Turkey  includes -

•             Abortion pills in Turkey are illegal. We can not use abortion pill turkey

•             First Trimester abortion - upto 10 weeks

Abortion Center İn Turkey -  İstanbul

Mitera Abortion Clinic İstanbul  is a goverment approved Abortion center located at İstanbul Turkey. Female abortion doctor in İstanbul Turkey....


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